New Hulk Hogan Racist Rant Mentions Jamie Foxx

Hogan talks about Jamie Foxx in new quotes.

Hulk Hogan mentions Jamie Foxx in his N-word laden racist rant, is reporting. The site was responsible for breaking the original Hogan racism news alongside The National Enquirer. They now claim that Hogan name drops Jamie Foxx, after Brooke Hogan's music producer brought him in to feature on one of her songs. €œF****** n*gger€ he had Jamie Foxx coming in on the 22nd track,€ Hogan said. €œI didn€™t even tell Brooke about it. F*ck her. Brooke and (name withheld) met in Miami." €œBrooke f*cks up a ten million dollar deal I had with the Saudis. Brooke says, €˜F*ck you dad.€™ She€™s never said that. She flipped a bird at me.€ The report says that it can't be confirmed if Hogan was referring to Brooke's producer or Foxx when saying "f****** n*****." €œI have this huge f****** house in Miami. My family never comes home. They went to LA. F*** €™em,€ Hogan is also quoted as saying. It is yet more damning evidence of racism and bitterness in Hogan's life. Jamie Foxx can't be happy that his name has been dragged into this ugly mess, nor can Hogan's family be happy at the remarks criticising them. For what it is worth, Brooke Hogan has been defending her father thus far. Hogan meanwhile is desperately trying to save face by retweeting supportive messages from fans on social media. Embarrassingly, many of these have been prank messages, including pictures of famous black soccer players. Hogan doesn't have a clue and continues to retweet these messages as if they're genuine fans. The best thing he could do at this point is go silent and stay out of the spotlight for a while. It is worth noting that there are some people who have genuinely offered him support, including Kevin Nash and Mick Foley. Even WWE industry expert Dave Meltzer expressed feeling bad that an invasion of privacy had caused Hogan's current problems. While the racism is disgusting, Hogan was outed by a set up recording that he had no awareness of.
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