New Interim Women's Champion Crowned At AEW Full Gear 2022

Jamie Hayter rises to the top of the AEW women's division.

AEW Full Gear 2022 Jamie Hayter

Jamie Hayter is your new AEW Women's Champion.

Last night's Full Gear PPV saw Hayter beat Toni Storm to ascend to the top of the women's division. After a 12-minute back-and-forth contest, the Brit scored the victory after hitting Storm with a ripcord Hayterade... after Toni had been sent into the exposed steel turnbuckle.

This win marks Hayter's first slice of AEW gold, and makes her the sixth person to hold the company's Women's Title, albeit if there is still the 'interim' caveat looming large over the belt. Of course, Thunder Rosa is the lineal Women's Champion, though La Mera Mera has been out of action for nearly the past three months. In her absence, Toni Storm bested Hayter, Hikaru Shida, and Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. at All Out to become the Interim AEW Women's Champion.


With Jamie now atop the women's division, that poses all sorts of questions where it pertains to the dynamic between her and the Role Model. As the groundswell of fan support for Hayter has grown from week to week in recent months, that's seen the powerhouse go from Britt Baker's lapdog, to one of the most popular acts in the promotion. Despite AEW teasing a split between the pair earlier in the year, that ultimately lead to nought... though could D.M.D. soon become jealous of Hayter as the Interim Women's Champion?

Away from the Hayter/Baker dynamic, there's also the shadow of Thunder Rosa hovering over the division. While it's unknown exactly when Rosa will be cleared to return to the ring, she recently took to social media to detail how she's now able to start jogging once again. As and when the former NWA Worlds Women Champion makes her grand return, that obviously sets up the inevitable Women's Champion vs. Interim Women's Champion bout.


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