New John Cena Merchandise Spoils SummerSlam Result?

The timing of this new shirt has possibly ruined Rollins Vs Cena.

WWE Shop are selling a new John Cena T-shirt, emblazoned with "15x" on the back. The timing of this, just a week and a half before he goes for his sixteenth championship, suggests that Cena won't be defeating Seth Rollins in their title match at SummerSlam. If Cena was about become a "16x", there's surely no way this "15x" shirt would be getting released right now. Can you imagine the refund requests WWE would get if this shirt becomes out of date after a week? WWE Shop are even pushing it on their main page, listing it as "15x Authentic Merchandise." Either someone on the booking side hasn't liaised with the merchandising department, or Cena is staying a fifteen time champion for the foreseeable future. The problem with Cena losing is that Seth Rollins as both a WWE and US Champion doesn't make much sense. There's also the narrative of revenge on Cena's part, as he looks to hit Rollins back for breaking his nose. The logical story is that Cena gets his revenge and wins the titles from the heel. Cena would then drop the US Title in an Open Challenge in the weeks afterwards. The best advice for now is don't buy the 15x shirt. If you do, be prepared to take a pen and re-mark it 16x in a week and a half. There's still every chance that Cena is walking out Champion on August 23rd, and his new merchandise could just be bad timing. Either that or WWE Shop just spoiled the result of one of SummerSlam's biggest matches.
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