New NXT UK Faction Debuts Featuring WWE Main Roster Star

And they aren't even called the 'Axis of Evil'.

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A brand new quartet formed during the second night of NXT UK tapings at Glasgow's Braehead Arena this weekend, and its components - and name - rather hearken back to wrestling's 'glorious' xenophobic past.

On the first night of tapings, United Kingdom champ WALTER retained his strap against Pete Dunne thanks to the intrusion of Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel. The following night, the barrel-chested Austrian announced that from now on the trio - which also includes a German and an Italian - will be known as 'Imperium'.

Good lord.


The promo was interrupted by British Strong Style, resulting in a six-man stramash which was itself interfered with by former Sanity member Alexander Wolfe, making his anticipated NXT UK debut.

After the match, the similarly European Wolfe was welcomed into the faction.


So let's get this in order: a group of babyface Brits are now battling against a heel stable representing three of the Axis powers. And they are called Imperium.

We think it might be in reference to something, but can't quite put our finger on it.


Hopefully, they won't turn up on the next taping in matching black shirts.

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