New Report On Why Fans Have Stopped Watching WWE

Who'd have thought bad creative would impact ratings...?


However you want to spin it, there are a whole lot less people watching WWE these days compared to how many there were in previous decades. And now, Variety Intelligence Platform has published a new piece detailing four of the main reasons just why WWE has seen such a slump in viewership.

With the threat of a further drop in WWE stock, this new report claims that the four biggest threats to WWE’s future are:

- The clear decline in TV ratings


- The specific decline in TV ratings amongst younger viewers

- Money owed as part of the 10-year arrangement with Saudi Arabia


- The recent backlash over the continued labelling of WWE superstars as independent contractors

On the general TV ratings front, Raw is said to have lost approximately 2 million viewers for the majority of the 2020 outings for WWE’s red brand. And in a YouGov poll, the main reason for this drop in viewership is *insert faux shock* down to the poor quality of WWE storylines.


In this survey, other major reasons for avoiding WWE programming were the fact that the current product seemed too cartoonish, that the characters themselves were simply not interesting, and that the matches on offer were dull.

We can all see that WWE isn't great TV these days, and it's interesting to see this backed up with some hard facts and figures.

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