New Romance Angle Starting On WWE SmackDown?

These WWE SmackDown workers look destined to work a budding romance angle.

Emma Madcap Moss

WWE has kicked off a budding romance storyline between Madcap Moss and recent returnee Emma on SmackDown.

This actually started before Friday's show, but the latest episode saw Emma rushing out to protect Moss after he'd been soundly trumped by Karrion Kross. It's likely WWE's writers will now book a mixed tag-team bout pitting Madcap and Emma vs. Kross and Scarlett on TV soon. Or, at least, that's a plan which seems to make the most sense.

Emma returned to WWE on the 28 October edition of SmackDown. There, she accepted Ronda Rousey's open challenge for a crack at the SmackDown Women's Title, but predictably came up short against the new champ. Since then, Emma hasn't really been doing much of note, so at least this angle with Moss guarantees some screen time.


WWE will have to be careful not to turn Emma into the standard 'girlfriend in distress'. That's an old pro wrestling trope that doesn't really fit these days, especially now the company takes women's wrestling more seriously than ever before.

Early signs are fairly positive though, and the angle does give both workers something to focus on.


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