New Set Announced For AEW Full Gear

Gears of War.

AEW Full Gear
All Elite Wrestling

AEW, via Executive Vice President Nick Jackson on Twitter, have announced that a new, presumably bespoke set will be constructed for Saturday's Full Gear PPV.

User Ned Balme asked if there was "any chance" of individualised sets making a return, and Nick responded in the affirmative.

Given the theme, there are two options: several mannequins of Hangman Page dressed in his ring attire, or gigantic models of gears. Obviously, it's going to be the latter, and since Jon Moxley kickstarted his feud with Kenny Omega by using the resources of Double Or Nothing's casino-themed set, there's every chance he will attempt to use the jagged edges of the props to his disadvantage. He might even roll one over the Cleaner, after first puncturing him with barbed wire and glass.

It's a welcome return to the old concepts of "effort" and "attempting to make everything feel special", and there's a very good chance that somebody is going to fly off something very large. Tremendous.

AEW Full Gear takes place this Saturday, November 7. Check back to WhatCulture for WWE for a multitude of preview articles, news, reviews and analysis ahead of and after the show.

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