New Tag Team Forms On WWE Raw

A new alliance formed during last night's episode of WWE Raw.

The Miz Ciampa

The Miz and Ciampa came together on last night's episode of WWE Raw, formalising an alliance over AJ Styles' broken body.

The new WWE union came about following Miz's singles match with Styles. With the announcers continuing to refer to 'The A-Lister's' testicles, claiming they were hampering him in his efforts to defeat AJ, Miz was ultimately felled. His attempted Figure Four was countered by Styles, who hit the Phenomenal Forearm to defeat his opponent clean as a whistle.

That's when Ciampa struck. Attacking Styles from out of nowhere, the former NXT Champion was presented as wanting to impress Miz and follow in his footsteps. Then, when AJ fought back, Miz came into it, putting Styles down with a Skull Crushing Finale before he and Ciampa shook hands over the fallen man.


Corey Graves called Miz "the leading man" and Ciampa his "supporting cast" following the angle.

WWE has seemingly acknowledged that Miz and Ciampa will be a tandem going forward:-


The duo have been loosely aligned since Ciampa arrived on the main roster earlier this year, though this was the first time they have felt so together.

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