New Tag-Team Title Contenders Revealed On WWE SmackDown

WWE confirmed The Usos next SmackDown Tag Title opponents on Friday night.

The Viking Raiders Usos Humberto

The Viking Raiders were confirmed as new number one contenders for the SmackDown Tag-Team Titles on Friday's episode.

Erik and Ivar outlasted Los Lotharios, as well as the Jinder Mahal/Shanky combination and the makeshift team of Cesaro and Mansoor in a Fatal-4-Way match. Throughout, The Usos repeatedly remarked that The Raiders were the duo to watch on guest commentary.

Post-match, Jimmy and Jey wondered aloud whether or not the marauding pair's raids would've succeeded in Samoa. That will presumably become the crux of their feud going forwards. The big question is whether or not The Raider's title shot will happen on free TV or at the Royal Rumble.


Being honest, the match has Kickoff show written all over it. That's not meant as a knock, but it's hardly likely that Erik and Ivar will end The Usos lengthy reign anytime soon. WWE may well be forced to wait on King Woods' return from injury to book another New Day win.

There's a real dearth of suitable tag-teams on SmackDown right now, and The Viking combo will need a little more care if fans are to take them seriously as challengers.

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