New TNT Champion Crowned On AEW Dynamite

Scorpio Sky's reign atop AEW's TNT Championship division came to an end on Dynamite.

Wardlow TNT

All Elite Wrestling pulled a major title change on last night's Dynamite, as Wardlow defeated Scorpio Sky to finally become TNT Champion.

This was the opener in AEW's latest return to Rochester, New York. Wardlow, who was received like a hero by the live crowd, had the odds stacked against him before the bell. The bout becoming a Street Fight last week allowed Sky, Ethan Page, and Dan Lambert to bring a large crew of American Top Team fighters to the ring. Presumably, they would put up more of a fight than the hapless security guards Wardlow has spent the past few months murdering.

Not really.


Sky enjoyed only fleeting moments of offense against the larger man. He leaned on the ATT crew heavily, though the fighters were battered, as they should have been, by the challenger. Later, the shortcutting led to a belt shot yielding only a two count. When this didn't work, Sky and co. were doomed, with a three-act powerbomb Symphony ending Scorpio's night - and his TNT Title reign.

Wardlow's previous attempt at taking the TNT Championship from Sky ended when MJF interfered, screwing his former bodyguard on 16 March. A two-time champion, Scorpio's second reign has now ended at 70 days.


This is Wardlow's first AEW championship of any variety since entering the promotion in 2019.

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