New Twists In AEW/MJF Saga, Tony Khan Holds Meeting In Las Vegas

Friedman did a stretcher job Sunday, but was still in town Monday for a meeting.


The ongoing saga involving Maxwell Jacob Friedman and AEW/Tony Khan has a seen couple of new chapters since the Double or Nothing PPV concluded.

As previously reported, MJF no-showed a meet-and-greet with fans on Saturday, with a flight out of Las Vegas booked in his name for that night - though it hasn't been confirmed who booked the flight. Obviously, he did not board the plane, showed up at the AEW PPV and did the job to Wardlow, taking 10 powerbombs in the opening match.

Fightful Select reports that MJF and Tony Khan were scheduled to have a meeting on Monday night, presumably to address the issues between the two camps. AEW sources said that the wrestler had not left Vegas after the PPV, with a sit-down between MJF and Khan planned.

The issue seems to be MJF wanting to be paid like a top star, which Tony Khan has reportedly said he's willing to do. However, the two sides have not been able to work out an extension/raise, leaving things in limbo.


The biggest speculation to date has been whether this entire ordeal - which seemed to throw the much-anticipated PPV blow-off between MJF and Wardlow into doubt this weekend - was one big work to really roll the fans. Even in reporting the story, Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp has been careful to say that although the incident did not begin as a work, it could evolve into one as things continue to develop.

MJF and Khan had an argument two months ago about the star's contract, and AEW has reached out about negotiations, but little details have surfaced outside of the points about wanting top star pay and AEW wanting to extend the deal rather than simply renegotiate the existing one.


Expect a lot more details to surface in the coming days, even hours.

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