New Update On Ricochet's WWE Status

Amidst reports he'll soon be leaving WWE, could Ricochet actually re-sign with the market leader?

Ricochet WWE

While this past weekend brought the news that Ricochet had given WWE his notice and would not be re-signing with the market leader when his existing deal expires this summer, there's now somewhat of an update on this situation.

That initial story came from PWInsider, who noted that Ricochet informed WWE of his decision on 8 June.

On this topic, Fightful Select has since added how they've been unable to "specifically confirm" that the 35-year-old has indeed given notice to WWE, but that within WWE it's viewed as a "high likelihood" that Ricochet is leaving, and there is an expectation that he'll end up in AEW.


Adding further to this story, the Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer said, "according to those close to the situation, everything is up in the air" with Ricochet's future, suggesting that the one-time Prince Puma departing WWE isn't as set in stone as some may think.

As part of Fightful's coverage of this, creative pitches are already being made for how to write Ricochet off WWE TV if needed, with one such plan being for the former Intercontinental Champion to be taken out by Bron Breakker. The outlet also states that "nothing is an impossibility" in terms of Ricochet potentially staying with WWE, but as of now, the indication is that his WWE run will soon be coming to an end, with New Japan Pro-Wrestling another company that holds interest in the hugely talented star.


For those wondering about the specifics of Ricochet's current WWE contract, the only detail known right now - as per Fightful - is that this deal is up in the "first half" of the summer.

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