New WWE 24/7 Champion Crowned On SmackDown Live

R-Truth's fantastic reign is over...for now.

Drake Maverick R-Truth

Drake Maverick is finally the new 24/7 Champion, after another thrilling championship chase throughout this week's episode of SmackDown Live.

Maverick finally got the better of Truth following weeks of close calls, missed opportunities, and embarrassing blunders.

Despite being involved in a tag team elimination match alongside The Miz and subsequently being chased through the arena by the likes of Shelton Benjamin, Matt Hardy and The Brian Kendrick, R-Truth appeared to have survived another day as 24/7 Champion.


However, as he attempted to flee SmackDown he was attacked by Drake Maverick, who had disguised himself as Carmella. Although Truth fought off the assault, Maverick rolled him up and used a car for leverage before hijacking the vehicle and driving off as champ, yelling "I'm getting married, I'm THE CHAMPION!"

A confused R-Truth questioned why Carmella hadn't told him she was getting married following the end of his fifth reign as champ.


Drake Maverick becomes only the sixth person to hold the title, and already sits second on the list of longest reigns, behind R-Truth. Nevertheless, with a wedding this weekend, the new champion must remain vigilant if he is to retain his newly won prize.

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