New WWE 'Queen' Zelina Vega "Almost Lost It" When Vince McMahon Said THIS

WWE boss Vince McMahon was waiting behind the curtain for 'Queen' Zelina, but what did he say?

Zelina Vega

Vince McMahon was waiting behind the curtain for Queen's Crown winner Zelina Vega at Crown Jewel last Thursday.

The new 'Queen' told Sports Illustrated that the WWE gaffer pulled her aside as soon as she returned backstage following a win over Doudrop. Vega didn't know what to expect, so she was pleasantly surprised when McMahon said the following:

"You walked in here queen, and now it’s official".


That was followed by a Vince-sized hug, which is something else Zelina didn't see coming. She admitted to SI that she "almost lost it" when McMahon said something so sweet. That tournament win was the end of a long road towards WWE relevance for the previously-overlooked star.

Zelina cut a disappointed figure following WWE's "Super" SmackDown show this past September. The company scheduled a tag-team match with Carmella, Liv Morgan and a mystery woman, but left her off the card in the end.


Vega didn't shy away from that disappointment on Twitter afterwards.

McMahon's show of support in Saudi Arabia had to feel damn good then. It made Zelina realise that Vince had been keeping an eye on her after all.

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