New WWE Tag Team Champions Crowned On Raw

A new era has begun!

Buddy Murphy Seth Rollins AOP

Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy are the new WWE Raw Tag Team Champions, defeating The Viking Raiders on last night's episode of Raw.

The match was booked when Erik and Ivar stood with Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens against Rollins, Murphy, and AOP at the top of the broadcast. Seth and Buddy issued their challenge shortly after, leading to a fun, action-heavy bout that saw the tandems' respective allies banished to the backstage area on, and concluded with Murphy scoring the pinfall after his partner had hit a Blackout on Erik.

The Raiders' reign ended at 98 days, during which they'd mounted successful defences against The Street Profits, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, and Ricochet and Randy Orton.

It's interesting that WWE opted to have Rollins and Murphy challenge for the gold rather than Akam and Rezar, who are the more established team. Regardless, it was a good match, Seth has been outstanding in his new heel role, and Buddy just grabbed his first major WWE championship (Cruiserweight strap notwithstanding).

There's little chance that the beef between these two teams is over, so we can probably expect a rematch or two over the coming weeks.

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