New WWE Tag Team Champions Crowned On SmackDown

Although it wasn't as straightforward as you'd think...

Rowan Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan and Rowan are the new SmackDown Live tag team champions, although their coronation wasn't quite as straightforward as they'd have hoped.

Following last week's revelation that The Hardy Boyz had to relinquish the blue brand's tag belts due to Jeff Hardy's injury, Shane McMahon announced on this week's show that he would be selecting the new champions personally.

Bryan & Rowan emerged to claim their new prizes, but before Shane could hand them over the curse of the 'Wild Card Rule' struck again and they were interrupted by Raw tag team, The Usos.

Jimmy & Jey claimed that previous SmackDown tag team champions had earned their titles, convincing McMahon to book the two duos in a match for the vacant championships.

In a thrilling match, The Usos appeared destined to become five-time SmackDown tag team champions before the hand of fate, or should I say the Claw of Rowan, intervened.

Despite being hit with numerous superkicks and a huge splash, Rowan withstood the onslaught and hit Jey with an Iron Claw for the victory & championships that go with it.

The only question remaining now is what will the SmackDown Tag Team Championships look like next week once Bryan has made them eco-friendly?!

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