New WWE Title Belt Revealed - Photos Here

Is this the new WWE title? reports that images of the new WWE Title belt have leaked online. The above image is said to be a legit photo of the new belt, though according to "some changes" will be made to the championship belt before the final design is actually revealed. WWE Champion CM Punk first revealed during a Q & A session at the Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con at the weekend that the WWE title belt would be getting a makeover soon and that he had already seen the images. He claimed the new belt didn't look much better than the one current one, which as this new belt looks extremely crappy, further fuels our theory that this is real. The current WWE Championship Title was introduced back in 2005 by John Cena. At the time it was known as the €˜spinner€™ belt. The Championship was designed to represent Cena€™s rap gimmick. However, in 2007 the Title€™s spinning centrepiece was amended to a fixed position. This would be the WWE title's first permanent new belt in five years. WWE fans... what do you make of the new WWE title belt? Is it better or worse than the John Cena WWE "spinner" title belt?
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