New WWE Women's Tag Champs Crowned At Crown Jewel 2022

Damage CTRL regains tag titles they had just lost days earlier on Raw.

damage control

Damage CTRL are your new WWE Women's Tag Team Champions, winning the titles back at Crown Jewel from the duo who defeated them for the straps on Raw earlier in the week, Asuka and Alexa Bliss.

The match itself was a solid one that started slowly and ramped up within a few minutes to get the fans going. The challengers isolated Asuka and attacked her knee, which impeded her throughout the match. When Asuka finally made the hot tag to Bliss, the crowd was hooked and all in.

The win was not entirely clean though, as Bliss seem to have things in hand and was going up for Twisted Bliss when Nikki Cross showed up and attacked her with a Hangman's DDT, allowing Damage CTRL to get the win.


What's really interesting is that Damage CTRL lost the tag titles and quickly regained them on the same show where Bayley came up short yet again against Bianca Belair for the Raw Women's Championship, which runs completely counter to the group's mantra of taking over the women's division. Whether that means there will be some dissension among the faction remains to be seen, but this could make for an interesting development.

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