News On Why WWE Cancelled Bray Wyatt's "Wobbly Walrus"

Where, oh where did WWE's Paul Heyman spoof on 'Firefly Fun House' go to?


It already feels like a lifetime ago now, but WWE only debuted the new 'Wobbly Walrus' character on Bray Wyatt's 'Firefly Fun House' this past September. However, the clear spoof on Paul Heyman has since disappeared from screens completely - why?

The Wrestling Observer are reporting that 'Wobbly' has been scrapped due to fears that it'd hurt Roman Reigns' new character. Dave Meltzer said "forces" within WWE were concerned about the puppet, and they also wanted to distance Wyatt from Roman in the short term.

That's why Bray was moved to Raw in the 2020 Draft, and it's why WWE's Heyman send up disappeared. Obviously, it was only introduced so that Wyatt could motor towards a Universal Title feud with Reigns, but plans changed and WWE proceeded with the Jey Uso angle instead.


That left one particular walrus out in the cold, and WWE officials made the call to scrap it for now.

Is the character gone for good though? Perhaps not. The Observer did say that WWE don't want to use it "right now". That doesn't mean they won't return to it in the future if Wyatt vs. Reigns is in the pipeline.

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