Nia Jax Busted Open With Nasty Cut On WWE Raw

A bad night for Nia Jax, who was left covered in blood after a roll-up loss to Rhea Ripley.

Nia Jax

Last night's WWE Raw was a rough one for Nia Jax, who left her loss to Rhea Ripley wearing a crimson mask.

The former Women's Tag Team Champion appeared to suffer what looked like a nasty cut while Ripley was taking her down to the mat after reversing out of an attempted powerbomb. The blood was immediately apparent, leaving the left side of her face cloaked in red, though Jax finished the match regardless. It looked like she even rejected the referee's assistance at one point.

Shayna Baszler's distraction backfired for the finish. Though she caught Ripley's attention on the apron, Rhea dodged Jax's charge and rolled her up for the pin. Jax and Baszler then argued at the bell. Shayna pulled off her jacket to tease a fight but ended up retreating up the ramp instead.


Ripley, the apparent babyface in all of this, then returned to the ring and hit Jax with Riptide. The announcers instructed you to receive this as Rhea "sending a message" to SummerSlam 2021 opponents Charlotte Flair and Nikki A.S.H.

No backstage updates on Jax's condition were forthcoming at the time of writing. Let's hope the cut wasn't as serious as it looked.

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