Nia Jax Confirms New Ring Name Following WWE Release

Here's what the wrestler formerly known as Nia Jax will now go by...

Nia Jax

The wrestler formerly known as Nia Jax has seemingly confirmed her new ring name after her WWE release earlier this month.

It appears that following recent social media activity, with the former Raw Women's Champion changing her display names and handles across multiple platforms, the 37-year-old will now be going by Lina Fanene. This is a shortened version of her real name, Savelina Fanene.

Fanene tweeted the following over the weekend, acknowledging one of her fansites updating its details accordingly:-


Fanene was released alongside seven other WWE wrestlers as part of the company's latest round of cuts on 18 November. Bound to a standard 90-day non-compete clause, she will technically become a free agent on 16 February 2022, which is when she'll be able to sign and appear for other promotions.


Though most of WWE's 2021 talent releases have been attributed to "budget cuts", it was reported at the time that Fanene's may have been related to her unvaccinated status. The former Raw Women's Champion has since stated that this was never communicated to her, doing so in a statement that revealed WWE had let her go while she was on a mental health break, having been off television since 20 September.

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