Nia Jax Gives WWE The Middle Finger?!

'Stone Cold' has been reborn in 2020. Sort of.


No, she's not off to AEW, Impact or anywhere else.

WWE announced this week that Nia Jax had been "fined an undisclosed amount" for "inappropriate contact with multiple officials" during her brawl with Shayna Baszler on Raw. The storyline continued on social media when Nia said she had a meeting lined up with Vince McMahon to discuss the situation further.

Then, she decided to post a WWE photo shoot outtake on Instagram. The pic showed Jax flipping a double middle finger at the cameras and included the caption, "Hey, fine this!".


Becky Lynch might be preparing for motherhood, but the rebellious, 'Stone Cold'-like spirit she showed last year has dripped down onto others. Not many would've guessed that it'd come from Nia though.

Yes, this is obviously a storyline, but it has the potential to be a fun one if WWE roll with the fine and possible suspension. Baszler could then look like an absolute bad ass by demanding that McMahon lift his punishments so she can boot Nia's teeth down her throat.


Or throw her carelessly into some steel steps as revenge for Kairi Sane. Y'know, whatever works.

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