Nick Gage To Put Career On The Line Against GCW Champion Jon Moxley

The Deathmatch King and the Death Rider to face off in a Career vs. Title match.

Nick Gage Jon Moxley GCW Homecoming

Deathmatch icon Nick Gage is to put his wrestling career on the line for one last shot at the GCW World Title currently held by Jon Moxley.

Last night saw Mox successfully retain that prize against Effy at GCW Homecoming Night 1. Following that bout, Gage appeared and joined Moxley in the ring.

Having only wrestled five times in 2022 so far, MDK explained how his wrestling days could be coming to an end. Citing injuries and the loss of friends and family, the GCW favourite detailed how this year has been the hardest of his life, before then mentioning how he and Moxley have unfinished business as he threw down the challenge to the interim AEW World Champion.


Gage and Moxley last faced off in October '21, with the Death Rider managing to hold onto the GCW Title on that night at Fight Club. Comparing Nick to an old dog who he loves but that needs putting down, Mox accepted the challenge on the proviso that it's Title vs. Career when the pair next meet.

All of this comes on the back on plentiful rumours that Nick Gage could well be retiring soon, which obviously hands a further level of intrigue to this contest.


As for when and where this contest will take place, that's yet to be announced. If Gage is indeed getting ready to hang up his boots, doing so against Moxley would be a fitting way to go out - with the pair having first gone to war with each other in CZW back in 2009.

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