NJPW G1 Climax 2019 Night 7 (July 20) - A BLOCK: Every Match Ranked From Worst To Best

Only Elite Wrestling.


...or "Least Best to Best".

Elevated by the surroundings and several other bangers that had taken place over three incredible evenings, the final night at Korakuen Hall proffered the best G1 Climax show thus far and maybe one of the best in the event's rich history. More suited to sharp supply than other formats past, the five-match structure affords greater opportunity for an entire event to reach the elite level rather than just individual outings, and this was subsequently satisfying in the extreme.

There were no bad matches on this card, but in fact five that were all excellent within their own confines. New Japan Pro Wrestling is often accused of lacking diversity by those that don't watch New Japan Pro Wrestling, but this show took at that argument, dropped it on its neck, kicked the f*ck out of it, worked through a host of popcorn spots and still beat it back into the ring before the referee reached 20.

With days to recover between and the next shows in Hiroshima and Aichi, the wrestlers seemingly worked to wreck their bodies ahead of a rest - and more power to them for the performances. Murmurs from your writer and countless others about the quality of the tournament in comparison to last year were knocked skyward by countless Korakuen classics. July 20th hosted the most concentrated collection...


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