Non-AEW Wrestlers To Challenge For Cody's TNT Title?

Cody opens up the playing field on social media.

Cody AEW TNT Title

Non-AEW wrestlers will be permitted to fight for Cody's TNT Championship as part of the open challenge series announced on last week's episode of Dynamite.

'The American Nightmare' himself confirmed this on social media over the weekend:-


This blows the field wide open, allowing independent wrestlers (and potentially others) to stop by for one-off matches with the TNT Champion. AEW's plans may be hindered by their lack of functioning working relationships with other organisations, however. While link-ups with groups like ROH and NJPW have been speculated at various points, nothing has been formalised, which may prevent some of the bigger names AEW could conceivably call upon from showing up.

Regardless, it's an interesting move, and one that should theoretically give the TNT Champion a near-endless pool of contenders.


Cody announced the open challenge gimmick during a passionate in-ring promo that also brought a promise to defend the incomplete red-and-silver strap every single week. His first challenger will be Jungle Boy, who earned his shot by winning a battle royal on the same episode of Dynamite, eliminating Orange Cassidy at the final stage. That match goes down on this Wednesday's show.

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