Notes On How AEW's Double Or Nothing Was Received Backstage

Tony Khan was absolutely ecstatic.


AEW wowed the wrestling world with their debut show Double or Nothing last night, and as you might well imagine, there was an air of jubilation behind the scenes once pay-per-view went off the air.

According to PWInsider, the nascent promotion's CEO Tony Khan was said to be absolutely over the moon with how the whole thing went down. Buzzing with excitement in a post-show interview, he told the assembled throng of reporters that of all the wrestling PPVs he had seen - which is apparently all of them - this was the best.

He also gushed that he "cannot wait" for weekly television to begin, expecting it to further invigorate and excite both wrestlers and fans.

Khan's mood was reflected by his employers backstage, the whole crew characterised by a feeling of major accomplishment. Success tastes sweet; hopefully there'll be more to come for the group.

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Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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