Number One Contendership Match Set For This Week's AEW Dynamite

Jimmy Havoc and Darby Allin collide with Chris Jericho in sight.

Darby Allin Jimmy Havoc

Last week saw AEW President Tony Khan confirmed that Dynamite's 9 October episode would host a number one contendership match to confirm who'd challenge AEW Champion Chris Jericho the following week, and the promotion came through with it on yesterday's episode of Being The Elite.

Per the above graphic, Darby Allin and Jimmy Havoc will compete for the right to fight Jericho on 16 October.

This is an odd piece of booking to say the very least. Havoc's win/loss record currently sits at 1-3 in singles and tag bouts, with Allin on 1-2-1. Darby's only singles victory came over CIMA in a match shot for this week's debut episode of AEW Dark, while Jimmy's win came over Allin himself, whom he bested in a hardcore Triple Threat that also featured Joey Janela at All Out.

PAC is conspicuous by his absence here, as 'The Bastard' currently sits at 2-0 in AEW. The company have, however, noted that the quality of wins and losses will matter, so PAC cheating to beat Hangman Page at All Out gives them a convenient excuse here.

Nonetheless, the bout, while potentially exciting, exposes a hole in the "wins and losses matter" booking philosophy.

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