NWA Power Could Have Been On The WWE Network

Jim Cornette says Dave Lagana had talks with company.

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NWA Powerrr has been something of a small-scale success story since it debuted on YouTube last October, but its reach and appeal may have been very different according to the promotion's original commentator, Jim Cornette.

Speaking on the latest episode of his podcast, the Jim Cornette Experience, the veteran manager mentioned that NWA originally tried to get their revival show on the WWE Network.

NWA Vice President Dave Lagana told Cornette that he had meetings with Stamford, which the latter struggled to believe given how incredulous the notion of WWE featuring their territorial rival on the streaming service was. Because he didn't expect anything to come to fruition, Cornette was hesitant to lock himself into the project.

A few weeks later, Lagana came back to him and said they were heading for YouTube, and Cornetter was on board. His announcing duties ended in November, after an episode of Powerrr aired in which he made a racially-motivated joke.

Can you imagine how a WWE sanctioned version of NWA Power may have looked? And would WWE have been willing to have Cornette involved on the project?

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