NWA Star Calls WWE's Sarah Logan "A Disrespectful Ripoff"

WWE's Sarah Logan/Valhalla has raised the ire of this current NWA wrestler.

The Viking Raiders Valhalla Erik Ivar

Current NWA star Natalia Markova has called WWE's Sarah Logan's latest look "a ripoff" of fellow Alliance worker Max The Impaler.

Markova told WrestlingNews that Logan, who has since been re-dubbed 'Valhalla' on SmackDown, is "disrespectful". According to Natalia, The Viking Raiders manager knows Max, and is fully aware that her new outfit is almost identical to the NWA wrestler's own attire.

Logan was re-signed by Triple H last month, but had previously done voiceovers for some of Erik and Ivar's comeback vignettes. WWE quickly renamed Sarah 'Valhalla', and she's been rocking a striking Viking look ever since coming back.


There's no point in denying the obvious here: Valhalla's look is very similar to Max The Impaler. Markova is right about that, and she thinks Max (as the independent wrestler who isn't tied down to a lucrative contract) should get the sympathy vote from fans.

Natalia would also like to see Valhalla change up her WWE look to something more original so that her NWA colleague doesn't suffer or come across as a pale imitation of something casual fans might see on episodes of SmackDown.

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