NXT Black & Gold Is Back - Big WWE Changes Coming!

Did WWE just cut NXT 2.0 down at its first birthday party?

WWE NXT logo new

NXT is black and gold once more.

Last night's special first-anniversary episode of NXT 2.0 saw WWE tease killing the developmental brand's multi-colour aesthetic, as a Shawn Michaels-narrated video closed on the show's current logo transforming into something new.

Michaels, in his spiel, claimed that while NXT acknowledges the past, its main focus remains to look to the future and developing tomorrow's superstars. He spoke of evolution, but stressed that the brand's core message, "we are NXT", would never change.


The existing NXT 2.0 logo then appeared onscreen. As the "2.0" part faded away, the bright colours were replaced by black, gold, and white, heralding a return to NXT's previous aesthetic under Paul 'Triple H' Levesque.

WWE.com has since posted a new article acknowledging the new look.

While last night's NXT 2.0 went out live, WWE will record another episode at the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida tonight. This is to air on 20 September, with live broadcasts to resume the following week, per PWInsider.


WWE's reason for pre-taping next week's show has not been revealed.

NXT was rebranded into NXT 2.0 last September, shedding its old black and gold look for a brighter, more colourful approach. This was part of a wider shift in developmental philosophy, with now-former WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon seeking to ease the transition from NXT to Raw and SmackDown. Now, with WWE's recent executive shakeup, it appears another shift might be on the horizon.

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