NXT Champion Keith Lee Says He'll Headline WrestleMania

It's only a matter of time as far as big Keith is concerned...

New NXT Champion Keith Lee told his Twitter followers in an impassioned post that he will headline WrestleMania one day.

What's more, the dual NXT and North American Champ says he'll do it with old rival and real life pal Dominik Dijakovic. Both have worked extensively over the years, with their latest battle of the big boys who can move coming at NXT TakeOver: Portland this past February.

If you haven't watched that opener, seek it out - you'd be doing yourself a favour.


Lee noted that he and Dijakovic have "beat the crap out of each other", but said that their "bond strengthens through combat every time" because of that. NXT's new face then added that Dominik was "forever my dude" and said, "I love that guy".

If confidence truly is everything, then it's only a matter of time before Lee gets his wish on WWE's grandest stage. He has smashed through everything the company has lined up for him, including spots with top names like Roman Reigns, and it bodes well that he was chosen to end Adam Cole's record-setting NXT Title reign.


Is the 'Mania mountain top next?

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