NXT Star Looking JACKED Ahead Of Potential Main Roster Debut

This NXT star has gone straight to the moon... and the gym!

Cameron Grimes

Cameron Grimes is looking absolutely JACKED at this current moment in time.

The former North American Champion hasn't been seen in the middle of an NXT squared-circle since November of last year, with his last WWE contest in general coming during a SmackDown dark match last month.

Grimes has long been rumoured to be on the verge of a call-up to the main roster, with it now feeling pretty inevitable that the one-time Trevor Lee will rock up on the Raw or SmackDown after WrestleMania. And in what appears to be some physical preparation for that potential jump up to the red or blue brand, it looks as though the long-time black and gold performer has seriously packed on some muscle.


As Grimes himself would reveal on his Instagram account yesterday, the star with his eyes set on going straight to the moon has clearly been putting in some serious time at the gym. Many have also been quick to note online how the charismatic force "looks ready" for the main roster after pulling off this pretty impressive transformation.

Hopefully Grimes will finally get a chance to unleash his new physique and Cave-In the competition on Monday or Friday nights in the not too distant future.


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