NXT TakeOver SCRAPPED Over Royal Rumble Weekend

2020 schedule includes Worlds Collide but no NXT supershow.

Velveteen Dream Worlds Collide

WWE have rejigged their Royal Rumble 2020 schedule, ousting NXT TakeOver in the process in favour of a Worlds Collide show on the Saturday sandwiched between SmackDown, Raw and the January classic itself.

As confirmed by F4Wonline, travel packages for the event highlighted the new schedule, which notably sees different venues hosting the events rather than WWE's recent model of parking up in one venue for the bulk of the output.

It was left unclear if TakeOver would be a feature on future pay-per-view weekends, be given its own slot, or disappear completely from the calendar, though WWE confirmed they'd follow up on this in due course.

Speaking to F4Wonline, they said; "the schedule of the 2020 NXT TakeOver Events will be out in the near future.

Worlds Collide will take place from the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. Bringing together stars from numerous brands under the WWE umbrella, the event first occurred over last year's Rumble weekend, eventually won by Velveteen Dream. The Dream earned a title shot and scored the win over then-NXT North American Champion Johnny Gargano to toast his success.

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