NXT UK Wrestlers Invade NXT Heatwave!

Current, former champs make their way from UK to confront NXT wrestlers.

Tyler Bate Bron Breakker

Multiple NXT UK wrestlers showed up in NXT 2.0 Tuesday night during NXT Heatwave, presumably kicking off a collision between the two developmental brands.

The line between the two entities has always been blurred, with some wrestlers crossing back and forth. Current NXT superstars Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen are the current NXT UK Tag Team Champions, for example. And JD McDonagh, who lost his match for the NXT Championship at Heatwave, was in the UK until this summer when he showed up in the States.

Tuesday, Gallus (Joe and Mark Coffey and Wolfgang) jumped Diamond Mine while the quartet was mid-implosion, leaving the foursome laid out. They later confronted Briggs & Jensen as they were being escorted from the building.


Indi Hartwell received her first confirmation that storyline husband Dexter Lumis was back in the form of a drawing that read "InDex Forever." But then Blair Davenport snatched the note and tore it in two, declaring she was the next NXT Women's Champion before walking off.

And lastly, Bron Breakker had barely begun to celebrate his hard-fought win against McDonagh when NXT UK Champion Tyler Bate arrived to hoist his title in front of the NXT Champion to close Heatwave.


Vic Joseph asked if worlds were colliding, which strongly suggests that NXT is bringing back Worlds Collide, a 2020 PPV that pitted NXT and NXT UK against each other. Considering how many superstars are crossing brands, they might as well do this now before the line becomes so blurred that it's meaningless.

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