NXT's Aliyah's Broken Nose Was A Work

It looks like Aliyah's horror injury wasn't so horrible after all.

Aliyah broken nose

Aliyah was one of two NXT women to seemingly leave last week's show on the treatment table, seemingly suffering a broken nose on the same night that Mia Yim emerged with her own nasal fracture and suspected broken ribs after a brutal main event with Io Shirai.

WWE's NXT Injury Report video followed up on Aliyah, claiming a nasal fracture and potential orbital floor damage as a result of her bout with Xia Li. These videos are often worked, however, and that seems to be the case here, with Dave Meltzer noting on a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that this was a planned spot.

Per Meltzer, Aliyah was already set to have surgery on her nose so WWE wrote this angle into the Li match in order to write her off television for the next while. There is currently no word on how long she will be out for.


Aliyah and ally Vanessa Borne have enjoyed more focus than usual since NXT moved to USA Network, though the duo are yet to experience a significant push. They may need to wait for such opportunities, given how stacked the NXT women's division is, but perhaps they can make a mark in 2020.

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