NXT's Bobby Fish Injured At TakeOver: XXV?

The former NXT Tag Team Champion was in a sling by the show's end.

NXT TakeOver XXV Undisputed Era

Former NXT Champion Bobby Fish might have picked up an undisclosed injury while competing at TakeOver: XXV this weekend.

The 39-year-old had his arm in a sling while appearing with the rest of his Undisputed Era stablemates following the main event, in which Adam Cole pinned Johnny Gargano to become NXT Champion. His exact status is unknown, and whether or not he'll need to take any time off is unclear, but the good news is that PWInsider have reported that the sling was only a precautionary measure.

Fish and tag partner Kyle O'Reilly competed in a chaotic ladder match for the vacant NXT Tag Team Titles earlier in the evening. It was a wild and risky encounter with countless scary bumps, though Fish's status won't become clearer until he has undergone an MRI.


It sounds like Fish's wasn't the only injury either, with the Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer stating that several wrestlers "were pretty beat up" after the event. Specific names weren't mentioned, but it's an easy story to believe, given how hard-hitting the majority of the evening's bouts were.

Here's hoping that none of the injuries coming out of TakeOver were too serious and that the victims can mount swift recoveries.

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