NXT's Rhea Ripley Making 'Bonus Money' For Her WrestleMania 36 Feud?

WWE are making this worth Rhea's while.

Rhea Ripley Charlotte Flair

Dave Meltzer said on the most recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that Rhea Ripley is making some bonus cash for her WrestleMania 36 feud with Raw's Charlotte Flair.

According to Dave, Ripley is still operating under her standard NXT contract but is receiving added pay to represent her angle's standing on the 5 April card in Tampa. That's a nice little reward from WWE for Rhea's work opposite Flair on Raw and NXT to date.

WOR already reported that further NXT championship matches at 'Mania look unlikely, and that'll only give Ripley's NXT Women's Title bout with Flair more credence. There's a very good chance they'll make the main card rather than being relegated to the (rather forgettable) Kickoff show.


There's no word yet on what Rhea will actually make for the match with Charlotte in Florida.

For now, Meltzer only knows that Ripley is getting some kickbacks for her feud with Flair, and that she's being paid bonuses for appearing on Raw to promote the 'Mania match.


It's deserved. This is as good a spot for Charlotte as it is for the NXT Women's Champ.

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