Official: Gallows & Anderson Re-Sign With WWE

The Club's membership continues.

Luke Gallows Karl Anderson

There's been much speculation surrounding the future of WWE duo Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows in recent weeks, with the latest rumours suggesting that, after months of dissatisfaction with their role in the company, the pair have came around, thanks to a renewed focus alongside AJ Styles.

In the past few days, it had been reported that The Club were so pleased with how things are now going that they'd put pen to paper on a new WWE deal.

That has now been confirmed, courtesy of The Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer.

The journalist didn't have precise details on the nature of the duo's deal, but did mention that WWE is "making even bigger offers than people think" as they look to stem the tide of talent looking towards AEW. Apparently, this "was one of them".

The two had reportedly previously turned down an extension on their contracts worth $500,000. That they have now re-signed is all you need to know.

Anderson and Gallows have became the latest WWE talent to hash out new deals with the company in the last month. Mojo Rawley, Jinder Mahal, and Maria and Mike Kanellis have all recently re-signed, thus preventing each of them becoming inevitable global stars in AEW.

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