Oney Lorcan Requests WWE Release

The NXT/205 Live man tried to engineer a WWE release last month.

Oney Lorcan

As revealed by PWInsider's Mike Johnson over the weekend, Oney Lorcan requested to be released from his WWE contract late last month, though it's currently unclear whether or not the promotion will grant his release.

Lorcan, who currently splits his time between NXT and 205 Live, hasn't wrestled for the company since the 25 October episode of the Cruiserweight show. He recently changed his Twitter name back to his old independent alias, Biff Busick,

Dave Meltzer discussed the matter on a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, noting that while he hasn't been able to source the precise reason behind Oney's request, he has heard that the hard-hitting bruiser has been "very unhappy for a while."


Lorcan, 33, started with WWE back in 2015. 2019 has seen him elevated to a new level of prominence on NXT and 205, both as a singles wrestler and with his tag team alongside Danny Burch, though he remains a midcarder at best on both brands.

A kinetic, exciting, and aggressive in-ring talent, Oney is quietly one of the most fun-to-watch wrestlers in WWE's entire talent pool, though he may have hit a ceiling in this Sports Entertainment environment.

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