PAC Becomes First AEW All-Atlantic Champion At Forbidden Door

The Bastard captures his first gold in AEW, becoming inaugural champion.

PAC All Atlantic

'The Bastard' PAC survived a four-way bout to capture the new AEW All-Atlantic Championship Sunday night at Forbidden Door.

The match, which also included Miro, Malakai Black and Clark Connors, was the conclusion of a tournament for AEW's latest title that isn't a trios championship.

Miro dominated much of the match with power and brute strength, catching PAC and Connors' attempted dives and cross bodies. Toward the end of the match, Miro locked in Game Over on PAC, only to have Malakai spray him with the black mist to take him out of action. Connors and Black fought over an armbar, which allowed PAC to hit a 450 splash on Black and submit Connors with the Brutalizer to pick up the win.


Say what you will about there being too many titles in AEW (or at least on AEW TV when you take Ring of Honor's titles into account), but this is actually PAC's first championship with All Elite Wrestling, despite being an original.


As the prestige of this new title is yet to be determined, this could be one of those situations where the man makes the title. If PAC goes on to defend the strap in highly competitive bouts on AEW programming, the All-Atlantic Championship could be looked upon favorably. If not, it could be the equivalent of the WWE European Championship.

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