Paige Addresses Triple H's Apology, Puts Drama To Bed

It wasn't the joke itself that upset Paige...

Paige Triple H

The fallout from Triple H's throwaway (but ill-advised) joke about Paige's private life during a recent jaunt to the UK blew up social media. Later, 'The Game' issued a public apology via his Twitter account, and that seemed to be that.

Now, Paige is keen to put the situation to bed once and for all.

She appeared for a special interview on Lilian Garcia's 'Chasing Glory' podcast and said that it wasn't the actual joke that bothered her. Instead, it was the fact that Triple H tactlessly decided to crack it during a media scrum, then passed it off as a means to wake up tired early-morning interviewers.


Paige couldn't stomach the thought that online haters would come crawling back out of their holes all over again and fire nasty comments her way. That's the main reason why she wasn't happy with Triple H's jest.

The pair have spoken since then, and Trips has apologised. Things are good, and Paige herself admits that she "probably would've laughed" had the joke been said during a private conversation backstage away from wrestling fans.


All's well that ends well.

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