Paige And Her Boyfriend To Star In Their Own Reality TV Series

Because this is destined to end well...

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During her recent appearance on Lillian Garcia’s Chasing Glory podcast, WWE’s Paige has revealed that she and her boyfriend Ronnie Radke are currently making plans for their own reality TV series.

As groan-inducing as Total Divas, Total Bellas, and Miz & Mrs are, it looks as if a fourth WWE-centric reality show is on the way – with Paige confirming that a pilot episode has already been shot.

According to Paige, this is all part of “trying to get mine and Ronnie’s brand out there a little bit more” as her presence on main WWE television has been restricted massively since she was taken out of the spot of managing the Kabuki Warriors.


During this same chat with Lillian, the former WWE Divas Champion also discussed why she called time on appearing in Total Divas. Once the Anti-Diva’s wrestling career was cut short due to neck issues, the producers of Total Divas wanted Paige to take a backseat and merely appear as a supporting player on the series. With that option on the table, and citing a lot of bad memories tied to ex-boyfriends, Paige decided she’d instead rather leave Total Divas.

And because those appearances alongside her boyfriends of the time are viewed so fondly by Paige, she’s now embarking on an entire show based around her and her current boyfriend…

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