Paige Discusses Chances Of Her Ever Wrestling Again

Start those rumours now!

Paige cut a disconsolate figure when she announced her retirement from the ring on the 9 April 2018 episode of Raw.

Follow-up roles as SmackDown GM and as a manager never caught on, and the Brit is currently little more than an ambassador for WWE in the media. During her appearance on Good Morning Britain in the UK, she was directly asked if she'd ever return to the ring.

Paige is leaving that particular door open.


She told the hosts that "never say never" is very much her current attitude on wrestling again. Paige then followed that up saying, "You don’t want to put any doubt in anything, but yeah, hopefully one day."

Those comments are sure to get minds racing about the chances of Paige working the Royal Rumble later this month or dipping a toe back into the ring at some other point during WrestleMania season. There are no plans for that right now, but Paige isn't ruling anything out.


It is encouraging that she's not outright dismissing her chances of recovering from the injuries that forced her to retire almost two years ago.

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