Paige Misses WWE Raw Due To Neck Surgery

Bad news for the Kabuki Warriors' manager, who's set to go back under the knife.

Paige Doctor
Instagram, @realpaigewwe

Last night's WWE Raw featured a short clip from Paige, who unfortunately couldn't be in the building to manage her tag team, the Kabuki Warriors, for their Women's Tag Team Championship match with Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross.

Why? Because she needs a second neck surgery.

This came just days after the former WWE Divas Champion first broke the news via her Instagram page:-

While Paige notes that her first fusion "healed perfectly," she has "developed another hernia above it" that didn't heal over time, adding that she has "the neck of a 60-year-old."

Neck problems contributed to Paige's premature retirement in April 2018. Her first surgery took place in September 2016, having gone on hiatus from television that June, and she wasn't cleared to return to the ring until 12 full months later. She eventually mounted a comeback in November 2017, but this lasted little over a month as she suffered another injury while working a six-woman tag on 27 December.

The Kabuki Warriors lost in Paige's absence. Here's hoping that she mounts a full and swift from her latest surgery, and is able to return to TV before too long.

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