Paige Removed As WWE SmackDown Live General Manager

"Less of what you don't want, and more of what you do".

Paige Smacdown

Following Vince McMahon's appearance on RAW this Monday, the winds of change continued to blow through WWE last night on SmackDown Live.

Addressing a selection of the locker room backstage - all while stood on a very prestigious and official-looking box of some kind - Shane McMahon told his charges that it was time to take responsibility for the show and "don't just reach for the brass ring... grab it and rip it down". He then turned his attention to Paige, and without any real explanation, thanked her for her "enormous contributions".

Quite where this decision has come from (kayfabe or otherwise) was left open to interpretation. McMahon managing to slip in at the end that she wouldn't be going anywhere or leaving the show, merely changing role.

Until clarification comes on what precisely this new role is the news will come as a disappointment to most viewers of the show, as Paige's role as General Manager had been one of the more consistent success stories that the blue brand has had in 2018. Her promos were solid, her involvement in storylines was always just enough, and she managed to keep the focus squarely on the wrestlers rather than herself.

Interestingly, Vince's closing mantra on Monday Night Raw was "less of what you don't want, and more of what you do" makes this decision even more baffling. Of all the problems with SmackDown Live, its General Manager was absolutely not one of them, and the on-air prodcut will be weaker without her going forward.

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