Paige, Rusev & Lana Robbed In Memphis Hotel

Not a good look for Sheraton Hotels.

Paige SmackDown

Paige, Rusev, and Lana fell afoul of local thieves while WWE SmackDown was in Memphis, Tennessee this week.

The trio found belongings were missing upon returning to their respective rooms after the broadcast had finished, with the SmackDown General Manager taking aim at the hotel on Twitter:-

Drake Maverick didn't follow up on his response, so presumably his Mac was okay, but Rusev did post the following:-

Sheraton Hotels are yet to issue a public comment on the complaints. Pro Wrestling Sheet's Ryan Satin contacted the group for a statement, but claims the operator declined, then hung up before he could reply.

Rusev and Lana worked a house show in Mississippi on Sunday (Jun 10), and would've likely been in town for a night or two prior to the alleged robberies. 'The Bulgarian Brute' has since announced that he intends on suing Sheraton, and that security staff tried to claim it was his fault for leaving valuables in his room, despite leaving a "Do Not Disturb" on his door to ward off cleaners.

There's currently no word on whether other wrestlers were targeted, but whatever happened, Sheraton now have a boatload of bad PR to undo.

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