Paige SHOOTS On The Riott Squad After Liv Morgan/Brie Bella Incident

SmackDown General Manager leaps to Brie Bella's defence in new interview.

Paige WWE

It has now been over two weeks since a wayward pair of Brie Bella kicks concussed Liv Morgan on Monday Night Raw, but the shockwaves are still being felt, with SmackDown General Manager Paige the latest to comment on the situation.

Speaking on Lilian Garcia's Chasing Glory podcast, Paige was quick to leap to Bella's defence:-

“I feel so bad for Brie. She’s never hurt anyone, it’s the first time she hurt some and she gets blamed for it? Come on dude, it’s an accident."

She then set her sights on Sarah Logan, Ruby Riott, and the referee for not taking better care of Morgan, who took a suplex spot moments after the concussive blow:-

"The thing I didn’t like about it is the fact her teammates brought her back in the ring to do a suplex when everyone knew she was knocked out. That’s the thing I don’t like. Ruby and Sarah, take care of your teammate. You see that she got hurt, don’t let her back in the ring again. Referee, don’t let her back in the ring again.”

Daniel Bryan made similar comments on his wife's treatment post-incident last week, and there were rumours of backstage heat between Bella and the rest of the Riott Squad in the aftermath. This is, however, the first time anyone has apportioned any kind of blame to Ruby and Logan, though there's merit to the idea that more could've been done to keep Morgan from re-entering the action.

Liv seemingly took note of Paige's comments, as she tweeted the following soon after the podcast went live:-

It's unlikely that anything major will come of this, but given that these people all work together, it's interesting that Paige would make such pointed criticisms two weeks after the incident, whether she's right or wrong.

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