Parker Boudreaux Undergoes Another WWE Name Change

From Parker Boudreaux, to Gunnar Harland, to...

Parker Boudreaux Eva Marie
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With this past weekend bringing word that Parker Boudreaux's official WWE ring name was to be Gunnar Harland, the powerhouse prospect has now undergone a further name change.

Taking to Twitter, Boudreaux revealed that WWE has already axed the Gunnar element, and that he will now be known as simply Harland.

Of course, many had presumed that WWE may opt to have Parker Boudreaux be simply Parker Boudreaux, with the UCL football standout generating plenty of buzz for himself on social media. Instead, Parker is one of many to be given a shiny new ring name once in the WWE system - as highlighted by Bronson Rechsteiner becoming Bronson Steiner, then briefly Rex Steiner, and now Bron Breakker.


Boudreaux formally signed with WWE this past February, with the 23-year-old's physical appearance earning him plenty of comparisons to a certain Brock Lesnar. At 6'4", 300 lbs and with a sports background, Parker clearly fits the bill for what WWE looks for in a talent.

In recent months, Boudreaux has made a handful of NXT appearances, serving as an on-screen security guard on a couple of occasions.

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