Paul Heyman High On Aleister Black & Buddy Murphy In WWE?

Could Black and Murphy be switch to Heyman's Raw in the upcoming draft?

Buddy Murphy Aleister Black

Buddy Murphy and Aleister Black currently find themselves lost in the midcard aether on SmackDown, though it sounds like one of WWE's most influential figures could be on the verge of rescuing them from purgatory.

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that Paul Heyman is very, very high on both guys, creating speculation that Murphy and Black may jump to Raw when the 2019 WWE Draft goes down this Friday (11 October) and next Monday (14 October).

Black actually featured on this week's episode of Raw. His appearances began with one of those goofy backstage promos in which he invites someone to "piCK a fighT", despite, y'know, the easy option of picking one himself, before deciding he'd had enough of waiting around and hitting the ring to obliterate The Singh Brothers in quick, squashy fashion.

Murphy, meanwhile, has been missing since a stellar string of in-ring performances against the likes of Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns, and Ali on SmackDown. It's likely that he was sidelined because the company simply didn't know what to do with him following his involvement in the Reigns whodunit.

Whatever happens, both are talented in-ring performers who'd benefit from greater focus. Perhaps Heyman can provide that.

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