Paul Heyman Linked With BIG WWE Creative Team Role

Hold onto your hats! Paul Heyman could be returning to WWE's writing team.

Paul Heyman Vince McMahon

PWTorch head Wade Keller is reporting that Paul Heyman could be set to become a huge creative force behind the scenes in WWE.

Keller's company sources told him that most expect Heyman to become a bigger player creatively due to his friendships with both Stephanie McMahon and Triple H - the power couple has taken charge of WWE due the ongoing investigation into Vince McMahon's apparent sexual misconduct.

That, it seems, could lead to Paul E having greater influence over the onscreen product.


Stephanie, as interim CEO and Chairwoman, is clearly in charge. However, it makes sense that McMahon would surround herself with people she trusts. That means Hunter, and it likely means Heyman too. Steph must realise that Paul is one of the most creative souls WWE has.

The former ECW boss has shown that time and time again over the years.


This will be good news for fans who still revere Heyman's time in charge of SmackDown in 2002. Similarly, his brief stint overseeing Raw's creative direction a few years back led to notable improvements in front of the camera.

More Heyman magic incoming? It looks like it.

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